Typography As Art: Adventures in Text


In this workshop, students will learn how to play with typography graphically in collage. Cubists, Surrealists and Dadaists all expanded the way we look at letters. We will use type as image and explore shape and forms of text by weaving, cutting, tearing, layering and sketching.  We will begin with a quirky variety of art papers, newspapers, magazines, and assorted ephemera that the tutor will provide. We will experiment with using grids to create images and how to unify diverse elements into a cohesive whole. Basic hand skills used in measuring, cutting and gluing will be covered.

Great for designers who would like to incorporate telling a visual story with type and letterforms into their work. You will leave with many ideas to continue on your own. Students will create three collage artworks roughly A4 size. You may want to frame your masterpieces!

 Copyright, Jean Kropper 2013