What We Do

Concept development: Ideas, ideas, ideas: the creative process of hard work and magic that synthesizes a business objective, data and a target market into a concise marketing communication. We collaborate with marketers and creatives to do as much or as little of the project as needed.

Design of unique structures: new shapes and pop ups for direct mail, books and promotions, paper engineering of new leave behinds, charity give-aways, lumpy mail packs, POS displays.

License of our formats to printers, mail houses, designers and manufacturers to expand their offering of print promotions.

New Product Development:  We design and develop products and promotional items for manufacturers in paper, polypropylene,  laser cut wood veneer and other foldable or rigid materials.

Project Management:   Oversee print production and assembly of projects we design.

Workshops & Presentations:  Share expertise through a one hour talk,  a half day or a full day workshop.

“I design workshops that inspire and empower creatives. They gain valuable new skills and inventive ideas.” Jean Kropper

If you are running an ad agency or design studio, you are always looking for new ways to start conversations with clients and potential clients as part of drumming up work. Unusual ideas and inventive promotions are great door openers that can spark new projects.

Secondly, it is important to engage, inspire and retain your own creative staff. Workshops add to their skills and lets them know you value them. I have developed a series of workshops to do just this. 

How We Work

It is a step by step process:

Define a Brief with communication and business objectives.

Concept Development: The process of translating the brief into potential structures and designs that support your message. This is expressed in a set number of mock-ups.

Design & Artwork: One chosen concept is developed.

Specifications finalised: The shape, size, quantity, materials, production steps and finishing is decided.

Costing of Production, and assembly.

Print Production/Project Management:  We collaborate with printers, hand assemblers, manufacturers, mail houses to print, die cut, fold, glue, assemble, insert, lodge and deliver amazing complete projects for you.