Collage: Telling Stories in Shape and Texture

Tell a story in collage with images, shapes, texture and colour. Cubists, Surrealists and Dadaists and many contemporary digital artists have expanded how we look at collage, so we will take inspiration from all of them. By doing a few exercises to get started, we will explore shape and form, grids, layering and sketching.  Just for this evening, no computers are allowed. It is time to cut, tear, and weave paper, and to get your hands dirty. Everyone will be given a quirky selection of art papers, images, magazines, and assorted ephemera. We will touch on hand skills, on using grids, and techniques to unify varied images into a cohesive whole.

Great for graphic designers and digital artists who would like to expand their techniques.  These skills easily transfer to Photoshop. Working by hand for a day will give you a different perspective and new possibilities.    You will leave with many ideas to continue on your own. Students will create A4 size collage artworks .