Creative Carousel Books: a Sculptural Bookbinding Workshop

This book structure has all the surprise of a pop-up, with a big “wow!” factor.  Star or carousel books, are a series of four stage-set like panels that tell a story between two hard covers. Each panel has a foreground, a mid ground and background, built from strips of paper folded into a zig zag or concertina. The front window or viewing opening can be a camera lens, gun sight, keyhole or many other things.


This is a captivating structure that invites the viewer in. There is little text, only headlines or captions.  More text can be placed on covers. This structure provides endless opportunities for design and experimentation. They can be opened at a presentation for a stunning ‘reveal’  yet fold flat for transport. One folded panel alone can be made into an inventive direct mail piece.  Jean will guide you through the process of planning, creating, and constructing a carousel book – all in one fun filled day!