One Sheet Wonders: An Inventive Book Form for New Business Proposals & Tenders

Imagine your confidence walking into a room with something genuinely different to show at your next new business presentation. Your prospect will be curious to see what is inside: The One Sheet Wonder.

Account executives, production staff and creatives alike can use this binding to create distinctive business proposals for client presentations. Create a folded book form from one large artwork or photograph. This is ideal for designers, account executives, production staff and photographers wanting to create a finished book from one sheet of paper (wide format print).  They are ideal for boardroom presentations, images from your portfolio, or tenders for new business.  These books give a dramatic reveal at a presentation. They start out folded up into a 20cm book, unfold into an intriguing sculptural book, then unfold further to a large flat sheet. They can be laid flat to display one complete image, or can be designed with images on each ‘page’ or surface. We will cover adhesives, folding and measuring paper accurately, techniques for wrapping hard covers, three one sheet book forms and content ideas.

You will learn folding and cutting skills and walk away with a few completed book forms. You are welcome to bring an artwork, poster or plain paper for your books.

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