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Dive into cutting and folding pop-ups and become a black belt in the use of a bone folder and X-acto. You will start by creating a range of sample pop up shapes as a double concertina, then structures for invitations, direct mail and leave behinds.

We will cover the technical basics for designing successful structures, accurate measuring, cutting and folding, tools,  adhesives, ideas for content relevant to clients, translating work into Creative Suite and print production. You will surprise yourself at what you can create!

Turn a flat sheet of paper into an interactive three dimensional sculpture. Pop-ups are ideal for direct mail, invitations, charity give aways, self promotions, new business pitches, trade show displays, product launches, POS and leave behinds.

We will create four sample structures and will explore more advanced structures as time permits. The movement of the shapes may well inspire motion graphics that can pair with a print promotion as part of a multichannel campaign.

How the versatile and inventive media of paper inspires me. See a range of work. Jean Kropper.