The Art of Making Zines and Mini Graphic Books 

Love design or creative writing?  Ever wanted to create your own book?


 Zines (Short for "magazine"), are original, handmade or do-it-yourself publications about anything you want. They are usually created by one person and photocopied so they can be shared. The zinester, or creator (that is you!), tells a story through drawing, collage and hand written text. It can be about political issues, superheroes, a brand story, real life, your own art, lists, poetry or anything you feel strongly about.

In this workshop we will focus on learning four different fold-it-yourself formats, or bindings and the creative possibilities that each offers. We will start by making two samples of each: French fold, meander book, concertina and pamphlet. The first sample we will make together, the second you will design on your own. Next, we will explore the creative variations: type treatments, pockets, pop-ups, collage and hand drawn images. We will use a photocopier so everyone goes home with their own work and a copy of another designer’s zine for inspiration. You will have several sample book forms, new skills, and a head buzzing with creative ideas.