Designing Repeat Patterns for Graphics & Digital Art

Ever wanted to create your own patterns? 

 Repeat patterns are used for website backgrounds, food court graphics, packaging, media walls, brochure covers, invitations, fabric and gift wraps. It is a valuable skill that has many applications.  We will work hands on, on paper  to learn the process of designing patterns in a memorable way. The group will work collaboratively. We will cover how this thought process is translated into digital using Creative Suite.

The process of designing patterns is the same regardless of how they are used. We will work with a range of source materials to begin. There are a huge variety of sophisticated creative choices within pattern design. Absolute beginners and more experienced design people are welcome. You will leave with many ideas to continue on your own.

We will cover:

·         Learn the basic elements that make a pattern work

·         Understanding spacing and orientation of images within a pattern

·         Understanding  line weight within a pattern

·         Playing with scale in a repeat pattern

·         Desiging three to four related images to be included in a repeat pattern

·         Learning to identify regular shaped and irregular repeat patterns

·         Learning to design and build regular shaped and irregular repeat patterns

·         Evaluating and adjusting your own repeat patterns to make them work



How the versatile and inventive media of paper inspires me. See a range of work. Jean Kropper. 

Where you can use repeat patterns you design:

Digital graphics and Website backgrounds

Food court graphics


Media walls

Brochure covers and Invitations

Fabric and Gift wrap